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Seasonal fruits blended with pure cane sugar, honey, nuts, spirits and exotic spices in hand-stirred small batches from historical, global and earthly recipes.  Using tradition techniques, no pectin is added (flowers require added pectin) using less cane sugar in tested recipes.

Pair with cheese & wine, as a finishing glaze on grilled meats, poultry and salmon, add to balsamic vinegar & olive oil to make a gourmet salad dressing, and enhancing desserts & hors d’oeuvres to be remembered.

our unique homemade products are detailed at the links below:

:: Exotic Jams ::         :: Traditional Jams ::       :: Chutnies ::         :: Gift Baskets ::

Click on the What’s New link on the menu above to discover the latest varieties of our special jams.  Come and find us at a variety of local markets and festivals, or place an order online through our Order link above.


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